Gergely Gyimesi


Babits Mihály Secondary School, Budapest1995-1999
Engineering physics at
Budapest University of Technology and Economics,
Faculty of Natural Sciences
M.Sc. in Engineering Physics2004


Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English1994
Nihongo Noryokushiken Sankyu (3)
(The Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 3)
Japanese intermediate state certificate type A1998
Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English2002

Professional Activities

summer practice at the
Institute of Enzymology,
Biological Research Centre of the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
practice and graduate thesis,
Institute of Enzymology
thesis title:
"Building flagellin-based molecular objects."
Ph.D. research at the
Insitute of Enzymology and
Péter Pázmány Catholic University,
Faculty of Information Technology
research fellow at the
Membrane Research Group of the
Hungarian Academy of Sciences and
Semmelweis University, Budapest

Other skills

  • programming languages including assembly, C, Perl, Python, PHP, SQL
  • web development and web-based solutions
  • linux/unix administration
  • cluster building and distributed computing

Research interests

  • structure and mechanism of ABC transporter proteins
  • coarse-grain molecular simulation methods
  • molecular docking and drug design, high-throughput virtual screening
  • bioinformatic algorithms

Other areas of interest

natural sciences, retro computing, linux, Japanese language and culture, music from classical to electronic and choir singing